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Our Company

Tesnas is a Canadian talent recruitment firm focused on identifying and placing technology talent from developing markets to global locations.

We curate candidates with recognized Canadian training and work experience for internships and employment.

Who we are What we do How we do it

Tesnas is a Canadian placement and recruitment provider enabling global technology skills transfer.

In collaboration with the ReTrain organization, Tesnas identifies high-performing associates with in-demand skills required for local Canadian and other global opportunities.

Tesnas matches and places qualified professionals in remote work and internships, delivering a cost-effective solution for companies to acquire and retain top-class technology skills.


Our Solution

To Clients

Tesnas engages deeply to understand your needs and employment challenges.

Just like you, we prioritize Canadian training and/or experience, as we understand the need for employees to come in and hit the ground running.

Focusing on jobs that can be performed remotely, we ensure that candidates curated through a partnership administered with ReTrain Canada, delivers a quality and affordable service to your organization.

We continually communicate with you to ensure expectations are being fulfilled and make amendments, where need be. 

To Candidates

Tesnas will match suitable resumés and profiles to specific roles and companies, prepare you for interviews and negotiate ideal remuneration on your behalf.

We give preference to candidates with Canadian or global training and/or experience, as these candidates inevitably stand a better chance of work and culture fit, with our clients and partners.

Our partnership with the ReTrain organization and other scholarship programs, secured with 3rd party partners, takes candidates through a journey of training & development, curation and placement – ultimately positioning you for competitive and well-paid global work or internships.

We request that candidates ensure they are fitted out with necessary IT tools, equipment and environment to effectively perform remote work.

Advisory Board

Heidi Brandley

Umaru Ahmadu-Ali

Ike Oliobi

Aman Bhalla

Angelah Kusero


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