Angelah Kusero

Angelah Kusero is a remarkable individual with a unique blend of cultural heritage and a deep appreciation for her adopted home, Canada.  As a Kenyan-born Canadian citizen, she carries a profound sense of gratitude towards Canada and its citizens, which ignites her burning desire to give back and create a positive impact. Her journey is guided by relentless enthusiasm and passion for empowering others to embrace their uniqueness, take charge of their education, careers, and overall well-being, and thrive in a world of boundless opportunities.

Throughout her journey,  Angelah has evolved into a trusted advisor and a valued ally, dedicating herself to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) with unwavering determination. Building strong connections across various organizations, she has empowered internal teams, promoted employee engagement, and forged fruitful collaborations with external partners. Her efforts were recognized by Immigrant Champions of Canada, honoring her with an Inclusive Leader award in 2023 for her commitment to fostering welcoming and inclusive workplace cultures.

In her current role as Director of Workforce Development and Chief Strategist DEI at Manpower AB,  Angelah continues to make a profound impact, overseeing 13 Manpower AB – Workforce Development Programs in Alberta. Guided by her belief in human potential and advocacy for acceptance, respect, and inclusion, she strives to ignite the talents of all available individuals, fostering sustainable global prosperity.

With a background in Law and a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, specializing in Human Relations,  Angelah brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to drive effective workforce development and DEI initiatives. Her dedication to education is evident through her various promotions at Manpower AB and her active involvement as an avid networker, community connector, and extensive volunteer work. She currently serves as a Community Champion, Advisory Group Member, and Mentor at CRIEC, and regularly speaks at events like Women In Need Society and the Calgary Public Library.  Additionally, Angelah has volunteered as an employment coach and language bank interpreter at ISC and actively contributed to improving newcomers’ experiences in Calgary through her involvement with the CLIP (Calgary Local Immigration Partnership) Employment Working Group.

Beyond Calgary,  Angelah’s commitment to guiding, empowering, and teaching the leaders of tomorrow has led her to volunteer for organizations such as Children International Summer Villages (CISV), World University Service Canada (WUSC), UNICEF Campus Ambassador Program (UCAP), Halifax Regional Police Youth Program, and more, spanning over many years.

In her personal life,  Angelah resides in Calgary with her husband and two sons, drawing inspiration and support from her family as they collectively strive to create a more inclusive and prosperous future for individuals and communities alike.

Angelah Kusero’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, compassion, and unwavering determination.  As she continues to impact lives and shape a more equitable world, her journey serves as an inspiring reminder of the profound difference one person can make when driven by a vision of positive change.